Monday, November 14, 2011

It's working and it got me to halfway!

Praise the Lord! The change up worked. My daughter is so smart! I am now at 226. I have officially lost 75 lbs and am halfway to my weight loss goal! So very exciting. I am going to continue it until Thanksgiving and then I think that I will go back to the Dukan diet. It is such a nice break from 6 months of eating meat and veggies, I actually get to eat fruit several times a day and some grain products. I feel like I am cheating because it is such a treat after not having any for so long. I do notice that I feel hungry more often even though I can eat as many veggies off the list as I want. I am having a few cravings but I am not sure if that is pms stuff or carb related. I have been able to keep a handle on it though.

Everyone is noticing now and all the time. It is so encouraging to hear them tell me how great I look and how proud they are of me and to keep up the good work. It is very helpful on days that it gets discouraging.

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