Monday, December 5, 2011

New Thyroid Pill

Last month my naturopath took me off of my thyroid pill. Two weeks later I got insomnia, so he put me back on a different one. The new pill works great! I still can't sleep though, which is a big bummer. I don't know if it's related to the thyroid, my age, weight loss, or stress. I've had a lot of stress lately. The lady I took care of passed away. My mom has been diagnosed with cancer, again. My daughters work situation is dangerous right now. Then we have the issue that can't be discussed. I have a lot on my brain and don't know how to turn it off. I have tried everything from herbal concoctions to prescription pills and nothing works. So, I pray. I guess that someone I love must need a lot of prayer right now.

We went riding quads over the weekend, and had a lot of fun. When I got home and on the scale it read 216.4. That means I lost 8 pounds this week!!! Pretty amazing and exciting after such slow progress I have had the last few months. This brings my weight loss total to 85 pounds. That is more than my Mary weighed. I have lost a small person at this point.

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  1. Hi Prodigal Princess
    I found your blog through the Dukan Proboard forums. First off, congratulations on your amazing weight loss so far! I'm new on Dukan, 2 weeks in, and I've lost almost one stone. I'm now sitting at about 224 pounds and have quite a way to go.
    I just wanted to say that reading about other people's weight loss journeys, the trials and tribulations, is giving me hope. We're not all perfect all of the time. My life isn't easy either, and I am sorry to read about the challenges you're facing. My point of view is that my weight and health are things I can control when everything else is out of my hands. If I feel better, I'll better be able to deal with the curve balls that life has thrown.
    I'm blogging my own Dukan journey as honestly as possible, aiming to lose 70 pounds over the next 10 months or so.
    I'll stop back at your blog again - even if you don't update, I wish you the best of luck!